„The Ladder“ by Chris Wenner: This state-of-the-art production combines his devotion to handcrafted acoustic music with his talent for catching emotions and telling stories of his life. In less than 4 minutes the listener is taken on a journey from a quiet and thoughtful introduction over happy beats to the conclusion: „And then I wish I’d never kissed her – and then I wish I wouldn’t miss her“. A rollercoaster of emotions!

With his sense for separating the important little things from the petty obstacles in life, Chris Wenners songwriting again stands out from the mainstream.  As an established independent artist in the streaming and online community with around 1 million streams and airplay in community-radios all over the world, he has a loyal fanbase.

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Digital tracks

Song list

  1. Maywind
  2. Back On The Road
  3. We Need So Much Love
  4. The Ladder
  5. Both Of Us
  6. Could It Be
  7. Another Song
  8. Naked And Blind
  9. Goodbye My Love
  10. Lover 4 Lover
  11. Back In My Valley
  12. True Time (Album-Version)
new born man cd cover

Song list

  1. Sometimes
  2. Losing Hold
  3. Sunchild
  4. Could You Stay Here Tonight
  5. Make Me Feel At Ease
  6. Can´t Make It Up To You
  7. New Born Man
  8. I´m So Glad
  9. Mother Earth
  10. Fly Away
  11. I Always Will
  12. Emily
  13. Teach Me How To Love You
Chris Wenner