Release: 17.12.2021

In soft and gentle tones and accompanied by light guitar sounds, Chris Wenner recounts the ups and downs of the coexistence of two lovers.

Not a feeling of blame, but rather the oppressive sense of parting in dissonance is in focus here only for the lovers to then return and be able to sing „Both of us can walk away -Both of us came back to stay.“

In every line here the listener can feel the uniqueness of Chris Wenner’s music: He is all about love and closeness in everyday life – and all the adventures and challenges that have to be mastered as a part of it. Together with Guido Craveiro, he has once again created a gem for his fans that focus on the situations in everyday life we can all relate to: „And as we watch the fire burn – We shed our love and we return.“

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Chris Wenner