Release: 05.08.2022

Chris Wenner's second album is called "Maywind" - and now this release is a special moment for him: After a series of successful singles with national and international airplay, the album stands as the conclusion of a very intensive project. As part of a grant from the Initiative Musik, Chris Wenner released new singles every month with the label MARA Records and was able to gain hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. Chris Wenner remained true to himself, creating a soothing haven of peace with his calm, serene acoustic songs. The album includes those project singles as a physical product for fans and collectors.

new born man cover

Release: 17.07.2020

The debut album “New Born Man” is the culmination of Chris Wenner's lifelong musical passion: Since the early 1970s, Chris has paired his love for acoustic guitars with a genuine love for songwriting, storytelling and performance. Chris has played with renowned artists including the Californian band Venice, who also make a guest appearance on his debut album. "New Born Man" is an album of touching stories with gentle vocal harmonies and a stunning acoustic guitar sound - with a repertoire spanning almost half a century of songwriting.


back on the road
sometimes cover
true time cover
sunchild cover
Chris Wenner - Could it be
another song cover
we need so much love cover
losing hold-cover
Chris Wenner